3D Art

Video Game Level Design

The following are screenshots from actual in-game video games via FPS Creator. Some of which have been exhibited and showcased.

3D Landscaping

Creation of original photo realistic terrain landscapes using Terragen.

Drought 3 High Hill Valley Pale MoutainDeep Freeze

Video Game Assets

When working on models for video games I focus heavily on detail. The textures have to look as realistic as possible. This is where I bring in my photography experience into play. I will gather photos of textures and even complete objects and study how light effects each material on the objects. This allows for me to to then figure out how to arrange their normal and specular maps so that even a low poly object can have depth on flat surfaces showing scaring and ware and tear.

Click here to view an arrange of video game assets I have produced for The Game Creators Store.

Video Game Mods

Mod Links

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