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Offering unique custom website designs for your business, portfolio or personal website. I have proven to ensure your website reaches high in search rankings. With over a decade of experience in SEO your website will not get lost in the clutter of the web, it will be on the fore-front.

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Regent Park Focus

Catch da Flava / Regent Park Focus Youth Media Arts Centre

A not for profit multi-media arts centre for youth located in the Regent Park community in downtown Toronto. Regent Park Focus is an organization that has its own internet radio station and television station and provides multi-media workshops for youth.
Regent Park TV

Regent Park TV is an online TV Channel presenting the various archived shows from RPTV on Rogers Community 10. With automotive integration with Youtube, RPTV's content is always up-to-date. The site also serves as a resource for the Regent Park community for local updates, events within the area..

RPNI (Regent Park Neighborhood Initiative) is an organization within the Regent Park community that collectively gathers information on community activities and serves as a tool to bring organizations together. The site is designed for the up-most simplicity and accessibility on all browsers and all internet connections.
Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

Radio Regent

Radio Regent is an internet radio station located in Regent Park. Featuring a wide variety of genres of radio shows such as spoken word, activism, music, film reviews, politics and much more. Broadcasting 12 hours of live content every day with a full week of unique programming. The Radio Regent website serves as a primary way to go about listening live to the station. Radio Regent can also be listened to via TuneIn app and other methods constructed and accessed through the Radio Regent website.
Nether Ocean


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